Monster In The Creek




Recorded by Eric Broyhill, entirely analog on 16 track, 2 inch tape, February 11th - 13th, 2005, at The Hangar, Sacramento, CA. Mixed analog by Broyhill, March 24th and May 13th, 2005 at The Hangar. Mastered digitally by Broyhill, May 19th 2005 at Monster Lab Audio, Sacramento, CA. Produced by Giant Squid and Eric Broyhill.

This EP was self released in 2005 by the band between their original Metridium Field in 2004 and The End Records release of Metridium Fields (plural) in 2006. Limited to only 400 CD-R copies, it's been out of print and unavailable for years, and is highly sought after by the band's cult fans.

Some of the album is themed after the 1916 New Jersey shark attacks in Mattawan Creek. Yes, it was released several years before the Seattle, OR band, Akimbo, released their album, Jersey Shore, about the same incidences.


released June 25, 2005

Aaron John Gregory - vocals, guitar, lyrics
Bryan Beeson - bass
Aurielle Zeitler - vocals, guitar
Andy Southard - vocals, keyboards
Mike Conroy - drums



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GIANT SQUID San Francisco, California

San Francisco, progressive doom-rock, scientists, GIANT SQUID, have been wielding palatial vocals and enormous waves of cello, keys, and exotic sludge riffs for over ten years, garnering universal critical acclaim from all over the world. Marine biology and historic tragedy metaphorically collide into heartbreaking stories of human loss; producing unexpectedly emotional and sincere heavy music. ... more

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Track Name: Monster in the Creek
Old sea captain warned us today / when the lord surely looked the other way / something in the stream outside of town / reached up and dragged my poor child down / chorus - has the devil caused this hellish heat / to lure our children down to the creek / eleven miles from the nearest waves / what manner of beast has swam in from the bay young men dive in with hopes to free / my boy’s body from the jaws of the thing / at the deepest part of the swimming hole / refuses to give back the life it stole / chorus / bring your guns and dynamite the monster in the creek dies tonight / fire at whatever moves within the muddy waters of Matawan / lite fuses tossed deep we’ll blow the demon right out of the stream / chorus
Track Name: Dead Man's Fog
DEAD MAN'S FOG (Lyrics by Gregory and Southard)
Our bow cannot be seen / from where we stand on the stern / fog has taken everything / the men’s faces show their concern / the cold is worse than we feared / I despair this the end of my years / the more it stings the more I try / keep waking up each time I die a little death I cry / a thousand leagues a million miles / the secrets buried in the vault beneath the oceans wide / this beacon’s light has burned for as long as I’ve known / though tonight the horn must bring us in / for the tower ceases to glow dare we raise our anchor / let the tide have its way / when waves crash on shores unseen jagged reefs calling our names
Track Name: Age of Accountability
AGE OF ACCOUNTABILITY (Lyrics by Gregory and Southard)
As truth’s war still plummets / I’m sick to my sromach for my rose I would leave / my barren lonely star / sketch me a picture / use only your mind / my imagination will make it turn out just right / chorus - I would give everything / gathered from worlds afar / sift through realities / figure it out / one world to another / search the heart of man / to die in a dreamland and never walk free again / chorus / the fact that you grew alone / so full on infertile grounds weak and oblivous / speaking without a sound / the boy’s soul plummets / I'm sick to my stomach / for my rose I would heal any scare / unlike me her wounds stay open and bleed / left no choice head to the woods and flee
Track Name: Throwing a Donner Party
this wagon has lost its wheels / now dig in with your heels and carry your own weight / with the snow up to our knees / all I can think is how you’ll be chorus - first to be eaten / you will you will / with the shit this deep you’ll have to leave all the things behind that you don’t need / you have fallen behind me / there is nothing left
to eat / chorus
Track Name: Dare We Ask the Widow
these castle walls are finished at last / will they hold out the elements or just the past / bury it all out in the yard / down by the pond and the old livestock / exactly where I wasn’t shown / the site of his ashes now buried in snow / exactly where I wasn’t told / the site of his ashes now buried in snow / now take this flock far into town / they have eaten our fields down close to the ground / with the master dead and planted deep / who can possibly care for these tired sheep / I can’t reap what you’ve grown / I can’t plow these fields alone / I can’t bring the harvest home by my self and my self alone / these castle walls are finished at last / will they hold out the elements or just the past / and bury it all out in the yard / down by the pond and the old livestock